WinAd Door To Door, LLC professionally arranges deliveries of a wide variety of advertising and political material.

WinAd DTD is a privately owned Alternate Postal Service that facilitates hand distributions of printed door hangers, flyers, promotional product samples and political material directly to people’s homes and apartments.  Over the years we’ve successfully delivered all kinds of interesting and innovative advertising ideas to households in more cities, towns and communities than we can count.


We are a full service distribution company and in addition to extensive delivery capabilities we also offer door hanger and flier printing, mapping, household and population counts, basic marketing data and GPS tracking when contracted.

We specialize in saturation coverage and are most productive with mass market deliveries as opposed to address specific projects.  Total allotments of 100,000 to 300,000 households are common for us.  In general we ask for delivery minimums of 20,000 to 50,000 households per market but under certain circumstances may be able to accommodate reduced numbers.

Our objective is to do the best possible job at the most affordable price point.  While our priority is to place your ad on the door, there are circumstances that may prevent this: including gates, dogs, fences, long set-backs and rural areas.  In these cases we will modify deliver methods to include: porch railings, gates, and newspaper or mail box posts.  Please note, we instruct our carriers not to touch or put ads inside of mail boxes.  We also respect visibly posted No Delivery/Solicitation notices.

Accurate deliveries, seven days a week, year round, anywhere east of The Mississippi.
Unlike other less dynamic distribution companies, we flexibly travel to market areas in states east of the Mississippi River and do not limit your ad campaigns to other advertiser’s market routes or days of the week.

DSC_0638Your needs are unique and we respect and understand their importance.  In short, we go wherever our client’s strategic marketing needs lead no matter what city they are targeting.   WinAd Door To Door sponsored crews work seven days a week and we even distribute on holidays if that’s a client preference.

WinAd Door To Door is headquartered in Greater Cleveland, Ohio and we have driver-supervisor outreach in other metropolitan areas as well.

WinAd Door To Door Delivers.

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