1. What We Do

What we do is similar to the US Post Office; but more impactful and generally less expensive. 

First class mail is expensive; Door To Door distribution is a lot less.  Let’s be honest, beside the cost, what’s really the difference between first class and third class bulk mail; it all gets bundled together in a lump and put in a mailbox.  And good grief why would any advertiser want to go into a monthly coupon booklet filled with dozens of other products and services.  You could shoot off fireworks in one of those things and still not get noticed!

We don’t ride or piggy-back our clients advertising with anyone else’s.  Experience proves that solo deliveries provide the most impact and greatly increase the opportunity for retention of your marketing messages.  We believe using married, bulk or first class mail for advertising is inherently ineffective.  We know that solo advertising items are impactfully engaging, individually touched and directly seen by their recipients.  Bundled mail is the opposite of that.  We think the opposite stinks and often wonder why companies continue to squander opportunity potentials by using mass mailings.

Bachelor vs. Married Mail.

Rob says: Let’s face it the last thing any professional marketer really wants is to have a client’s high quality advertising message married with everybody else’s mail as delivered by the postman.  The US Post Office is great for delivering bills, personal letters. magazines and government checks but lousy at spotlighting marketing and advertising pieces.  I’ve always wondered why advertisers use the mail the way they do.  You probably remember the Where’s Waldo game; and its lots of fun to find Waldo.  But it’s absolutely no fun when it comes to finding an advertiser’s well crafted, expensively designed product or service message in a stack of postal items bound together with a stretchy rubber band.

You set your delivery schedule and time frame.

Mark says:  An important feature of what we do is on-time delivery.  We take a lot of pride in our ability to distribute our client’s ad material on a timely basis during the time frame their media schedules dictate.   While inclement weather can be a factor we always keep you up-to-date on our distribution progress.

In addition, we can be extremely flexible and will stop or adjust delivery areas on the fly if our client’s needs change suddenly.  Guess what the US Post Office does when that happens during an active bulk mail campaign?

Last minute changes happen and while nobody likes or anticipates sudden commands from corporate (maybe it’s a critical pricing issue or target area change) we recognize the importance of handling these issues professionally with our eye on making your program successful.

US Mail Every Door Direct.
In an attempt to stem massive financial leakage the US Post Office recently started a program called Every Door Direct Mail.  Well let’s be honest folks, the post office doesn’t deliver a solo piece to any door.  They pack everything together like usual and hide it in the mail box.  Sounds like the same-old, same-old to us.  And same-old, same-old is simply not good marketing policy.   You’ll find better results with a real Door To Door campaign.

WinAd Door To Door Delivers.

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