4. Media Planning, Saturation & Results

All kinds of smart companies use Door To Door advertising.       We work with direct accounts, advertising agencies, Door To Door brokers and all manner of media placement firms.  Product categories keep growing for us as more and more companies discover how viable and inexpensive Door To Door advertising really is.  Our client range includes a wide variety of national and local commercial, non-profit and political interests.  However, our policy is to not post client names or market targets which we all agree is confidential information.

Media planning.                                                                              

Door To Door advertising is an easy to plan media outreach.  In its simplest form you just need to pinpoint your target business location, name a city, draw a circle on a map or pick zip codes and that’s mostly all we need.  Then tell us how many pieces you’d like delivered, give us a time frame and we’ll take care of the rest.  Voila!  Your marketing distribution plan is finished.

Of course we also work comfortably with Media Planners that feel the need to go overboard.

Because we’re easy to work with our clients save pre-project planning resources and expense. In addition you are not bound by mailing company zip code rules and can literally customize your deliveries into any area.  Accurate household counts and basic demographic information is also available on request.   And we provide pre-distribution maps of all delivery areas so you’ll know in advance what coverage will look like.

Accurate deliveries anywhere east of The Mississippi.  There’s nothing like a good first impression and with WinAd Door To Door your advertising impressions are easily seen and stand tall on their own merit.  And because all of our deliveries are solo piece placements we guarantee your target audience will hold and absorb your important message all by itself.

Market saturation.
We take a mass distribution saturation approach that nearly eliminates all pre-postal mailing house costs.   Once again this saves our advertisers a great deal of time and money.   We do not need pre-sorting, envelopes, mailing lists, address labeling or bundling.  Just send us your printed door hangers.  Tell us when and where you’d like to go.   And we’re off and running.

Results.  Yes!
Results should be better than a similarly allotted direct mail campaign because your ad and its content are actually picked up by itself and seen by your target household.  Furthermore, it’s not hiding in an envelope and your message can be easily absorbed during the time your customer is holding it.  There’s also a big curiosity factor when an entire neighborhood is covered with door hangers.  People start thinking: What are those brightly colored things on all the doors and porches?  Let’s just take a look and see.   And once it’s inside sitting on the table door hangers are fair game to be seen by all household members.  Maybe granddad’s not the right target; but mom or big sister is.

An lot of factors go into a advertising program’s success including offer specifics, target area and call to action so there are really be no definitive answers regarding rate of return. However, unlike the mail which is dull and usual and bunched together, Door To Door campaigns are by their nature exciting and different.  We like exciting and different.  You should, too.

If the message is right we say Door To Door will work better than bundled mail.

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