5. Rates, Pricing, Payment

Distribution rates.
Historically our rates fall in a range between 16 and 24 cents net per household for standard door hanger deliveries.  Although geographic market location and quantity are main components of our delivery rates other factors will lower or raise them.  Once we know your market areas, total volume and frequency we will offer our accurate per household rate.  All WinAd Door To Door rates are submitted at a net level.

When we offer rates we stand behind them for 21 days based on the original criteria supplied to us.

Economies of scale: Generally we offer lower rates for larger quantities, however please understand, there is a basic operational cost to deliver an ad to a household that does not change no matter how many placements there are in the total mix.

Don’t be fooled by lower rates.
Believe us when we say there are operational cost realities associated with successful Door To Door distributions that include supervisor and crew labor, fuel, transportation, lodging, meals and a host of other continuously increasing expenses.   When we quote on projects we figure all of these factors into our final rate submission.  If we say we need “x” per household to do the job correctly and you locate another company that says they can do it for substantially less at “y”.  You might want to question the veracity of their rate and wonder how they intend to complete it all.   Maybe they don’t.

Print pricing.
We endeavor to offer low, competitive rates for door hanger and flier printing.  Simply supply a digital copy of your finished layout on one of our door hanger templates and we do the rest.  Standard door hangers are coated, printed on quality stock, have 11” x 4-1/4” live dimensions and are 2-sided, full color masterpieces of ad power.  Note: there should be a 1/8” bleed-off around all four edges and no critical information can be placed in the upper 2-½” area where the knock-out hole or hanger is located.   Background color is allowed up there but wording will be lost.

Payment and Invoicing.
We pay our crews daily and like the US Post Office require client payment prior to delivery start and print production payment prior to press time.   Preferred terms: checks (5 days in advance) or electronic bank transfers.

WinAd Door To Door Delivers.

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