3. About Us

WinAd Door To Door, LLC is operated by President / National Sales Director, Rob Winwood and Vice President / Operations Director, Mark Mindlin.   We’ve both been in, out and back into this unique business several times and have acquired a world of practical knowledge and experience that dates back to the early 1980’s.  It’s why we keep coming back.

We operate our company on Judeo-Christian principles and strive to incorporate our work accordingly.  Mark is observing Jewish and Rob is actively Lutheran.  We support and participate in social causes and believe in the strength, courage and opportunities of the American Way.  Rob is right leaning Republican and Mark is left of center Democrat   …don’t get us started.

Rob’s career encompasses work as a former radio disc jockey, advertising agency copywriter, Door To Door distribution sales manager, billboard sales executive and regional area manager.  He attended First College at Cleveland State University and graduated with a BS in Communications from Ohio University.  He’s particularly fond of the BS part.  He plays electric bass in church and weekend warriors with the popular Primitive Rock & Roll group The Clayton Brothers Band.

Mark is an accomplished professional photographer, follows Irish bands and festivals all across the North East and Mid West, has worked as a major camera store manager, billboard photographer, graphic artist and Door To Door operations manager.  On sunny weekends he enjoys chasing a little white ball around 18 holes  …and boy does he chase.  He attended Cuyahoga Community College and for many years was highly active in the Cleveland Jaycees organization and several other social service clubs.

Proud AAPS member.                                                                  

WinAd Door To Door is a member in good standing of the Association of Alternate Postal Systems which supports our industry’s interests on national and local levels with information, resources, strategic lobbying and legal council.

The annual national AAPS meeting was held this past April in Scottsdale, AZ and we are looking forward to the 2015 meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Contact us at:
WinAd Door To Door, LLC
Your Alternative Advertising Postal Service.
13801 Blazey Trail Rd.
Strongsville, Ohio 44136

Sales & General Information.
Rob Winwood:  440-665-2267

Operations, Research, Employment
Mark Mindlin:  216-288-2067

WinAd Door To Door Delivers.


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